Wisdom Auraspray Love Remedies Australian Flower Essences

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Australian Flower Essences - Love Remedies

Auraspray 50 ml

Positive influences of this Auraspray:

  • reawakens creativity
  • enables one to tap into the higher self to discover the key to unlock innate wisdom
  • renews faith and the trust to follow intuition
  • promotes inner peace and self-love by assisting with letting go and learning from past challenges
  • enhances calmness and openness

This Aura Spray contains Rose water and the flower essences of:

Angelica Australian flower essences Love Remedies Guava Australian flower essences Love Remedies Pigface Australian flower essences Love Remedies Tea Tree Australian flower essences Love Remedies Worrai Australian flower essences Love Remedies

Angelica, Guava, Pigface, Tea Tree and Worrai.

Use of the flower essences Auraspray:
Spray the mist through your crown chakra so the mist drifts down as a veil over your face through to your throat and heart chakra.
Use your intuition on how much spray you require.
3-4 times daily or as advised by the therapist.

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Aura Sprays of Love Remedies flower essences

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