about Love Remedies

about Love Remedies

Australian Flower Essences Love Remedies

The Creation of these wild and living flower essences

By Juta Stepanovs

Juta Stepanovs for Love Remedies Australian flower essences

Flowers and Love Remedies have changed my life. They can certainly change yours too! My partner in Love Remedies creation, Harald Tietze, and I travelled some 25,000 kilometres to collect flower essences for the Love Remedies.

It was the most exciting and rewarding journey of my life. I reconnected with nature on a new level. I could relate to the flowers and allow them to teach me about myself. Appreciating the many gifts of plants and flowers led me to discover a new method of making flower essences that respects the life of the flowers and creates more potent healing. You will appreciate the advantages of the Love Remedies as we explore in detail this wonderful world of flower essences. Although the Love Remedies have brought my clients and myself many gifts, the discovery of this new method took place through life’s strange coincidences in 1996.
At that time, we were developing and marketing herbal remedies and other natural products, so the three of us visited Guboo, the famous Aboriginal Elder from Wallaga Lake in New South Wales, his daughter Lynne and the renowned Anne Thomas, another Aboriginal Elder.

But the seeds for the Australian Flower Essences by  Love Remedies were planted thanks to Eddie Kneebone from Victoria. 

Australian flower essences by Love Remedies

Australia’s Wild Plant Power

by Harald Tietze

Australia is the most isolated continent in the world and therefore has a unique plant world that houses many unusual plant varieties and many ancient, original specias of fauna.
Many plants brought into Australia by white settlers some 200 years ago have adapted to the different conditions with some thriving so well that they have become bothersome weeds, as in the case of Lantana.

Despite Australia’s remoteness, we also find varieties that are very closely related to plants from other continents like the Banana, Olive, Plumbago or the Coral Tree. However, some of these plants continue to grow in Australia in their ancient, original form, retaining their primitive character and strength. Some of these species have been genetically modified or hybridised elsewhere for commercial breeding and may have lost some of their original characteristics. This is especially obvious with the native Australian Banana (musa banksii), which has many seeds, unlike our common Banana, which has no seeds as the plant has been genetically altered.
In making flower essences it is particularly beneficial to use as many original species of plants as possible. Many of these originals contain the necessary genetic blueprints to survive and thrive in the wild. Because of this genetic coding, they have the resilience to survive in nature that many of their cultivated sisters and cousins lack. Flower essences made from these original varieties imbue us with the ability to survive and even thrive in challenging environments.
Australia also contains some of the toughest, most adaptable native plants in the world. The plants need to survive country’s extreme climate. In the Snowy Mountains and parts of Tasmania there is hard frost and snow over several months. The tropical North has rainfall of up to 5000 millimetres per annum, yet in the dry inland areas one is glad if 50 millilitres of rain falls from the sky in the same period. The toughness of these plants has also been sustained by native agricultural practices. The Aborigines regenerate the forest through controlled bush fires. This practice also prevents bush fires raging out of control during the very dry seasons. It is hard for non-Australians to understand, but some plants, like the Wattle, germinate better after a bush fire.
Only very hardy plants can survive in these extreme environmental conditions. It is for these reasons, that the Love Remedies are especially potent. They are extracted from plants that grow under these very harsh conditions. There is an old saying in Australia that there is only extremes in this continent, like fire, flood and drought. Without human help, many other plants imported into Australia simply cannot survive these extreme circumstances.
Albert Schweitzer once said, "The real doctor is the doctor within". We have to learn to rediscover our own healing potential and the healing aids available to us from nature. One such healing aid from nature is flower remedies, which works closely with our emotional selves. Emotional factors are the cause of many illnesses and accordingly play a decisive role in the cure. Therefore, health and healing require much more than a purely technological procedure. It requires an integrative, holistic approach to healing that incorporates modern medicine and all other healing possibilities.
The lack of modern medicine forced the natives of many of the so-called developing countries to persist with their traditional healing. This ancient knowledge in holistic healing was, and still remains, successful. This knowledge has been largely overlooked in our high-tech, modern world.
Natural flower remedies can stabilise imbalances in our body and activate and strengthen vital deficiencies. Simultaneously, these purely biological substances have a "natural life force" to enhance physical and psychological balance. However, these natural remedies can only develop their curative effect when the person himself is actively utilising sufficient holistic steps for the cure.
The success of holistic healing depends on the willingness of the person to be in charge of his or her own healing process. Therefore one has to adjust one’s lifestyle, including eating natural unprocessed food, getting sufficient sleep and exercise, and taking the time out for relaxation. If this is not possible for social, professional or family reasons, one should for the time being, use modern medicine and additional supplementary natural medicine. Modern medicine is valuable and necessary if one is not able, due to their individual circumstances, to live a natural lifestyle.

Harald W. Tietze for Love Remedies Australian flower essences