Worrai Love Remedies Australian Flower Essences

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Love Remedies

Australian Flower Essences

Dosage Bottle 15 ml

Worrai (Ozothamnus diosmifolius)

The Worrai looks like giant Yarrow to Europeans. Like the Yarrow, it grows on dry, barren, open land and forest edges. Worrai also has a similar but more intense odour. This bush grows up to two metres high and about 2.5 metres wide. The leaves develop to about 2 cm. Its white mop of flower heads is recognisable from a distance. Worrai is good against vermin and is burned for ceremonies.

Worrai Australian flower essences of Love Remedies


  • May suffer from loneliness
  • preoccupied with self destructive thoughts
  • feels insecure and weak
  • fears the dark and the unknown
  • sets limits on self
  • staying well within comfort zones
  • afraid to take risks

Positive influences:

  • Courage and confidence
  • develops a broader perspective
  • mental clarity
  • feels secure with others or in new environments
  • gains strength to overcome fears
  • enjoys inwardness and stillness
  • accepts the best of any given situation, without overlooking the details

When taking the flower essences of Worrai:

Visualise these pure tiny white blossoms abundantly offering you support to overcome fear and limitations, unleashing your spiritual energy.

Affirmation: My horizon is endless.


Use of the flower essences:

3 times a day 3 drops under the tongue or as advised by the therapist.

Notice: As in conventional scientific standards flower essences and their sprays have no proven effect on the body and the psyche. All statements are related exclusively on energetic aspects such as aura meridians and chacras.

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