Pittosporum Frangipani Love Remedies Australian Flower Essences

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Australian Flower Essences (Love Remedies)

Dosage Botte 15 ml

Pittosporum (Pittosporum undulatum)

Australian Frangipani Pittosporum is often called Australian Frangipani or Australian Daphne, because the flowers look a little like Frangipanis. This very attractive tree grows up to 10 metres tall, and in rainforests, much taller. Pittosporum relies on damp soil to retain its fresh green appearance. Under harsher conditions, such as salty sea winds and harsh sun, it may die. It has dark green, shiny leaves, which grow up to 12 cm long. Pittosporum’s white flowers make their presence felt from a distance since they emit a wonderful exotic aroma. It flowers in early spring for two to three weeks.

Pittosporum Australian flower essences of Love Remedies


  • Insecure
  • fearful
  • afraid of changes
  • sexually disinterested
  • strong mood swings
  • imbalances in the male and female within
  • women’s problems from puberty to menopause
  • men hiding their feelings
  • eases midlife crisis and confusion
  • a tendency to be stuck in the past

Positive influences:

  • Increases sexual joy
  • regains self-confidence
  • harmonises
  • becoming able to adjust and cope with life’s changes
  • improves understanding towards partners
  • overcomes grief
  • accepts situations that cannot be changed
  • unites and balances male and female energy

When taking the flower essences of Pittosporum:

Visualise these exotic, aromatic, white blossoms bringing balance in your inner male and female. Let the future unfold from your own wisdom.

Affirmation: I am sensuous and strong.


Use of the flower essences:

3 times a day 3 drops under the tongue or as advised by the therapist.

Notice: As in conventional scientific standards flower essences and their sprays have no proven effect on the body and the psyche. All statements are related exclusively on energetic aspects such as aura meridians and chacras.

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