Banana Australian Flower Essences Love Remedies

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Australian Flower Essences Love Remedies

Banana Flower Essences 15 ml

(Musa banksii)

Banana Australian Flower Essences Love Remedies

Possible Imbalances:

  • very sensitive and uncertain
  • sexual confused or unable to accept ones sexuality
  • caught between being sexually driven or repelled
  • lack of faith and stored up anger
  • blockages from past experiences
  • spiritual disharmony


Positive Outcome:

  • balanced mind, body, sensuality and sexuality
  • forgiveness and freeing oneself from the past
  • faith and spiritual harmony
  • safety and confidence to express ones deep feelings


When taking the flower essence of Banana:

Visualise the earth exchanging energies with you, cleansing and releasing you of past emotional pain. Banana’s gift is your self-worth.

This flower essences are also part of the blend and the Aura spray "Sexuality".

Affirmation: I embrace my sensuality and sexuality.

Use of the flower essences:

3 times a day 3 drops under the tongue or as advised by the therapist.

You can also use these flower essences on the boby. Put 1 spray on the chakra or acupuncture point.


Nutrition information:

Australian Flower Essences content information

Notice: As in conventional scientific standards flower essences and their sprays have no proven effect on the body and the psyche. All statements are related exclusively on energetic aspects such as aura, meridians or chakra.

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Love Remedies Flower Essences Beauty

Blends of Love Remedies Flower Essences

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Aura Sprays of Love Remedies flower essences

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