Therapists Reward Program

Therapists Reward Program

Therapists Reward Program

Australian Flower Essences - Love Remedies

You as a therapist will certainly have to do other things than worrying about how your client receives his appropriate preparation.


Our Reward Progam is very simple.

You receive a 15% reward on the product orders of your clients.

  • Therapists Reward Australian Flower EssencesYou order the flower essences and sprays for your clients.
  • We take care of everything else (shipping, billing, etc.).
  • Every quarter you will receive an exact accounting of sales. You can use this amount for your own orders, or get cach out via check.


What you need to do to participate in this program:

  1. Register as a therapist and send us a suitable proof.
  2. You accept the terms of the reward program, you can download here.
  3. Send us your customer orders in the simplest way you prefer, by email, fax, phone or on this store.

We do everything else.