These original Australian flower essences are made with highest respect to nature.

Love Remedies are the evolution of Australian flower essences.

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Love Remedies are the new generation of Australian Flower Essences gained by the very unique Stepanovs Method inspired by the Aboriginal elder Eddi Kneebone.

These flower essences are collected with love and highest respect to nature. No part of the plant is cut or destroyed. This means that they continue their cycle of life to reproduce and fulfill their destiny. At the same time these plants donate us their information as a medicine for self-cognition and self-healing. The frequencies of nature's pure love will resonate within, creating peace, love and harmony.

The founders of the Love Remedies, Juta Stepanovs and Harald W. Tietze, traveled around Australia’s wilderness collecting the tinctures from the most beautiful and powerful plants. The result of years of research are forty five particularly active flower essences, as well as nineteen special blends.

"Love Remedies - The Evolution of Flower Essences".

Flower Essences are a gift from nature. Read more about this new method...