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Australian Flower Essences

Aura - Environment sprays 100 ml

The aura - environment sprays Protection can be used after all cleansing rituals to imbue you and the environment with a sense of security and safety.

The protection mist can be used to protect your working environment or places that you regard as your sanctuary.

It can act as a “fixative” to your space cleansing.

You can use this before therapy work, meditation or spray over your aura if you are about to encounter stressful situations, very crowded places or unfamiliar locations.

Ingredients: Rose water, Flower Essences of:

Angelica Australian flower essences Love Remedies Fig Austtralian Flower Essences Love Remedies Dog Rose Australian Flower Essences Waratah Australian Flower Essences Dagger Hakea Australian Flower Essences

Angelica, Fig, Rosemary, Bay and Yarrow


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