Slender Rice Love Remedies Australian flower essences

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Love Remedies

Australian Flower Essences

Dosage Bottle 15 ml

Slender Rice (Pimela linifolia)

Slender Rice is found from Tasmania to Queensland and also in South Australia. There are 108 species of this genus most of which are native to Australia. Slender Rice is a variable shrub, adapting to its environment. This shrub grows as a prostrate, ground cover-like bush in coastal headlands but in heaths and forests it grows as a slender, upright plant to 0.6 metres tall. Its 2.5 cm-long leaves are variable, obovate to linear. The terminal flowers heads are white and, on rare occasions, pink. It blooms throughout most of the year.

Slender Rice Australian flower essences of Love Remedies


  • Suffers from jealousy or envy
  • capable of intolerant behaviour
  • narrow minded and unable to trust
  • afraid to show true feelings for fear of rejection
  • suffers from blocked spiritual growth

Positive influences:

  • Humble and co-operative
  • recognising the gifts and attributes of others
  • enjoys personal success without being fazed by actions or comments of others
  • clarity, faith and peace of mind

When taking the flower essences of Slender Rice:

Visualise these little white blossoms giving you the openness to accept others’ beliefs and to regain trust and inner peace.

Affirmation: I accept others and myself.


Use of the flower essences:

3 times a day 3 drops under the tongue or as advised by the therapist.

Notice: As in conventional scientific standards flower essences and their sprays have no proven effect on the body and the psyche. All statements are related exclusively on energetic aspects such as aura meridians and chacras.

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