Love Remedies australian flower essences Blends

Love Remedies australian flower essences Blends

Love Remedies Flower Essences Blends


Contians the flower essences of: Passion, Pittosporum, Fig, Manna Gum, Pigface.

Promotes vitality and enthusiasm for life; restores calmness and peace by encouraging one to take time out, relax and be in touch with one's feelings, helps to overcome anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia and grief.


Contains the flower essences of: Pittosporum, Lantana, She Oak (F), Silky Oak, Worrai.

Beneficial for distress associated with travelling, moving, new occupation, decision-making, puberty, menopause, mid-life crisis or other important crossroads and milestones in life.


Contains the flower essences: Everlasting, Passion Flower, Plumbago, Silky Oak, Stinging Tree.

Opens the heart to share unconditional love, care and understanding towards others and self; ability to be present in times of grief, depression, relationship break-ups, nervous breakdowns, illnesses and in general life distresses.


Contains the flower essences: Coral Tree, Fig, Lantana, Papaya, Worrai.

Develops belief in self, promotes self-esteem and positivity; encourages social interaction and communication, enhances public speaking, job interviews, relationships and times which require extra confidence.


Contains the flower essences: She Oak Female, Pittosporum, Illawarra Flame, Wild Rose, Waratah.

Empowerment though being in touch with feminine energy, trusts and follows one’s intuition, accepts and adjusts to feminine changes such as puberty, PMT and menopause, confidence to express feelings and rekindles interest in sexual activity and pleasure.


Contains the flower essences: Coral Tree, Fig, Ribbon Gum, Silky Oak, Worrai.

Enables one to sort out priorities, enhances groundedness; promotes clarity when learning or studying; stimulates memory and personal power; creates peace and a clear vision of life purpose.


Contains the flower essences: Cherry, Fan Flower, Grey Mangrove, Plumbago, Ribbon Gum.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness; releases past or present emotional distresses, such as resentment, anger, fear, guilt, jealousy or grudges; regains inner strength, self-love and self-approval with renewed joy and enthusiasm for life.

Inner Peace

Contains the flower essences: Fan Flower, Guava, Papaya, Sensitive Plant, Stinging Tree.

Regains personal freedom and joy by forgiving and letting go of past negative, blocked emotions; restores faith and trust; improves connection with higher-self; peace and love for self and others.


Contains the flower essences: Coral Tree, Everlasting, Grey Mangrove, She Oak Male, Silky Oak.

Regains courage and confidence in masculinity; securely expresses true feelings; ability to cope with male issues and mid-life crises; restores interest and pleasure in sexual activity.


Contains the flower essences: Grey Mangrove, Manna Gum, Mistletoe, Sensitive Plant, Tea Tree.

Provides comfort and ease to overcome crisis; beneficial after accidents, assists through shock, nervous conditions, emotional injury, physical weakness, sickness, grief, trauma, panic or fear.


Contains the flower essences: Everlasting, Grey Mangrove, Papaya, Passion Flower, Silky Oak.

Regains self-esteem, love and acceptance of self, embraces life fully with confidence and peace of mind; rediscovers and appreciates the inner beauty of others and self.


Contains the flower essences: Banana, Coral Tree, Fig, Pittosporum, Grey Mangrove.

Heals and releases past emotional, physical and sexual blockages, reawakens sensuality and restores confidence in self to enjoy touch and sexual pleasure.


Contains the flower essences: Angelica, Fan Flower, Fig, Guava, Papaya.

Reawakens spirituality and enhances spiritual involvement; accesses the higher self through meditation; ability to express true feelings, love and compassion towards others; regains faith, trust and inner peace with oneself, unifies with nature and our creator.


Contains the flower essences: Coral Tree, Grey Mangrove, Lantana, Passion, Worrai.

Restores focus and clarity giving a broader outlook in life; improves communication, consistency and patience, especially whilst striving towards personal goals; regains acceptance of self, in readiness to receive abundance.


Contains the flower essences: Angelica, Guava, Pigface, Tea Tree, Worrai

Reawakens creativity and enables one to tap into the higher self to discover the key to unlock innate wisdom; renews faith and the trust to follow intuition; promotes inner peace and self-love by assisting with letting go and learning from past challenges.


Contains the flower essences: Rosemary, Fig, Bay, Yarrow, Angelica


Contains the flower essences: Tea Tree, Fig, Worrai, Rosemary, Angelica


Contains the flower essences: Angelica, Guava, Olive, Papaya, Waratah

The supportive energies of the Regeneration encourage emotional and physical mending.